Second Chance Shelter is a non-profit, no-kill shelter for dogs. 
We place adoptable dogs in their forever homes where they can enjoy
the special bond between people and pets. 


Back in 2008 Doug and Wanda McGee would never have imagined how different their lives were about to become. Doug was in his 19th year as a police officer with the Albertville Police Officer. Wanda worked at Bancorp South as a customer service representative. One night in May Doug was filling in at the dispatch desk when a call came in about seven puppies that had been dumped on someone’s yard. At that time the City of Albertville was euthanizing around 130 stray, abandoned, or unwanted dogs a month. Knowing the probable outcome for the seven puppies Doug called Wanda. And the rest, as they say, is history! Just three short years later Second Chance Shelter now cares for over 250 dogs waiting for their forever homes.

We are a no-kill, limited admission shelter. Alabama law dictates that a dog only has to be held seven days once it is picked up by animal control (Alabama ST 3-7A-8). For that reason we acquire most of our dogs from local animal control departments. Only rarely are we able to accept a dog from the general public. However, our Facebook page is always open to anyone who wishes to post pictures and information on free animals needing a home. 

At Second Chance Shelter we want dog care and adoption to be a favorable, uplifting experience for people and pets alike.  While we occasionally we have to deal with the tragic side of animal welfare we strongly prefer to focus on providing a positive life from rescue forward.

We are looking forward to another exciting year at Second Chance Shelter!  Last March we accepted a donation of four acres and an unfinished building on Abbott Road in Albertville.  We are seeking donations and funding in 2012 that will allow us to renovate and complete the building and relocate the Shelter.  The new location will make us much more accessible to the public. It will also enable us to accept cats!  In the meantime we continue to make temporary improvements to the current location to improve conditions for the dogs.

Please donate today and join us in our mission of finding loving and lasting homes for adoptable dogs in Marshall County and surrounding areas!